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2 Day Ceramic Sculpture Workshop

2 Day Ceramic Sculpture Workshop

225,00 €Price

In this workshop we’ll focus on creating ceramic sculptures and objects using mostly slabs and geometric forms.


We’ll be working with Spanish, finely grogged clay which fires dark red with a great texture and finish. The workshop stretches over two days and covers an overview of contemporary sculpture artists, preparation of the clay, technical instruction and artistic guidance.


The workshop is led by Tanja Neubert, trained ceramist and designer and Ulrike von Gültlingen, artist.


The workshop takes place in Ulrike's Studio, Steinstrasse 28, 10119 Mitte. 4 - 5 participants.


Day 01

from 18:00 - 19:30 


Introduction to contemporary sculpture artists and preparation of clay slabs for next day. Snacks and drinks are provided.


Day 02

from 11:00 - 16:30


Introduction to slab building technique, but mostly: creating! I'll be around to answer all technical questions and support you throughout the day.




Course costs include all material and firing service. I'll have a small selection of glazes available for you to pick from, if you decide to add some shine to your objects. Glazing will be done by me or a date agreed for you to do it yourself, if you are interested :) 


All pieces are ready for pick up 3-4 weeks later.


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